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Tips Shed Light on 1981 Murder – Chicago Sun Times
Friday, 19 Dec, 2008 – 8:00 am | No Comment
Tips Shed Light on 1981 Murder – Chicago Sun Times

Carol Marin and Don Moseley article from the Chicago Sun Times.

“More than 27 years after a mob-related double murder in McHenry County, a little bit of digging by a 42-year old former baby-sitter has led authorities to reopen what was a very cold case.
Thanks to a little bit of digging by a former babysitter, Holly Hager, authorities have reopened what was a cold double-murder case in McHenry County.”
Las Vegas and the Mob Special
Thursday, 6 Nov, 2008 – 7:53 am | No Comment
Las Vegas and the Mob Special

Listen to Paul, Holly, Frank Cullotta, Dennis Arnoldy (former FBI agent) and Jim Hager with Dennis Griffin on his Las Vegas and the Mob BlogTalkRadio show.

Griffins guests include:

* Paul Scharff – son of Ron Scharff
* Holly Hager – Paul’s former babysitter
* Frank Cullotta – former lieutenant for Tony Spilotro turned government witness
* Dennis Arnoldy – former FBI agent that debriefed Cullotta when he turned
* Jim Hager – Holly’s father, who suggested the possible murderer back in 1981

The guests talk about the murders and the events leading up to the current effort to close the case, naming Larry Neumann as the murderer.